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March 20, 2017 @ 10:34 EDT

Major progress continues on Cookie. I have been spending most of my time since the last update working on the form you use enter recipes. This is one area in which I feel could be greatly improved from previous iterations.

Typically there is a large disconnect from what a user sees when entering information (i.e. the form) and how it is ultimately presented (i.e. the recipe page). With this new design, I set out to unify the experience by making the form look like the recipe page. Each area that can be edited is subtly highlighted and clickable. Once clicked, only the specific field, or group of fields, are shown for data entry. Editing the area in which the information is displayed gives you a better understanding of the what and why you are entering the information. Additionally, it simplifies the experience as you will not be inundated with 20+ fields at one time, which can be very intimidating.

I have included an image of the old form on this post as well for comparison. One of my computer screens I keep vertically for working on portrait photography and coding; the old form is so long that it will not fit when my browser is maximized to that screen.

I am very happy with the new design and I think it will make the experience of entering recipes more enjoyable. I can't wait for you to give it a try and see it in action :-D

As a reminder, you can now register for a RusnockDesign Account by either clicking on the link in this post or at the top of my website. In the coming months, I plan on sending announcements to those who have an account as well as a subscribable RSS feed. So, if you are interested in keeing up with the app development here I suggest you create an account :-D

New Recipe Form
Old Form